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What can I find on this website?

In this web page you will find layouts and page templates which I've been designing for years of professional work as a graphic designer and press layout maker. They are grouped into three sections (news, magazines and catalogs), and collected all together.

The pages are QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign documents (QXD, QXT, INDD & INDT archives). Many of them, adapted and more elaborated, have been used in real publications..

Can I use the templates?

Templates and page designs are completely free and you can download and use them, but remember that they are under a Creative Commons license. This means that:

  • You will have to give appropriate credit (Santi Folch - if you use them in any printed publication.
  • If you want to include these materials in a graphic resources site or blog you are free to do so, but still linking to maquetador-online. Remember webmaster, they are my layouts and templates, I've worked very hard doing them: downloading must be from here.


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