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If you can't find the template you're looking for, or need something more complicated, feel free to request a quote for the job. In Maquetador Online you have a professional group with lot of experience at your disposal.

From single pages to whole magazines or any kind of publications, we will make them for you, including the pictures needed if you want.


It's simple: the template will be cheaper if you need something simple. More complex, more time working on it and higher price. We can create a blank template, and also fill it for you and prepare it for printing:

  • Design of templates from zero (without previous design, photographs -or provided by the client- or real text, only the blank template is delivered): 10-20 euros/page or unit.
    • With photos provided by Maquetador-Online (royalty-free): Contact us for advice.
    • Modification of an existing document (design already defined, not from scratch): 5-10 euros/page or unit.
  • Full closing of pages with real texts and photographs + Technical pre-press (Final revision to square elements with edition and layouting - Processing of images for printing - Creation of PDF documents): 5-10 euros/page or unit.


We'll work in your template until you feel full satisfied. We'll send you as many modifications as necessary, so you'll see the whole designing process, giving us your guidelines at any time.

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We can work with QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign. All originals (editable files, pictures and documents) will be sent (attached to the PDF version if it is a finished magazine, catalogue, etc).

If you need Photo manipulation (also called photoshopping or photo retouching) we also can do it for you. Please contact us for advice.