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Designs, templates and layouts (QXP, QXD, INDD & INDT documents) for pages of newspapers, journals, supplements and similar.

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3 news + news in brief. InDesign 3 news + news in brief. InDesign Reportage + news in brief. InDesign Reportage + news in brief. InDesign
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2 news + 5x5 advertisement. InDesign 1 new, linked new + 5x5 advertisement. InDesign 1 single reportage + 5x5 advertisement. InDesign 4 pages full reportage for newspaper. QuarkXPress.
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2 pages reportage with multiple photos and secondary texts. InDesign. Newspaper page with agenda, data, news, etc... InDesign. Double page, with news, interview, briefs, and agenda. InDesign. Newspaper double page, with photo reportage, briefs and agenda. InDesign.